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Home Safety Tips

Below is a checklist of actions to take to secure your home.

  1. Do exterior lights illuminate all entrances to your home?
  2. Is shrubbery kept trimmed so a burglar can't hide near windows and doors?
  3. Are garage doors kept closed and locked at all times?
  4. Are exterior doors made of solid core construction (including door leading from garage to house)?
  5. Is there a peephole viewer on the front door?
  6. Are sliding glass doors secured with auxiliary locks or pinned, and are screws in the track to prevent removal?
  7. Are exterior doors secured with a deadbolt lock (single or double cylinder) with a minimum 1 inch throw?
  8. Are windows secured with auxiliary keyed locks or pinned with a nail?
  9. Do you report suspicious persons or activity in the neighborhood to the police immediately?
  10. Are doors locked at all times?
  11. Are your valuables marked with your Florida driver license number and do you have a record of them with complete serial number, make and model?


If you are able to answer yes to all of the above precautions, you have greatly decreased the likelihood of your home being burglarized.


Always check to see who is at the front door before opening it to strangers. Require identification from all repair and delivery personnel. If in doubt, check the authenticity of the identification by calling the company before letting the person into your home. Check I.D. through the peephole viewer. If in doubt, call the Police Department, and we will respond immediately.


For a free home security survey, contact the Police Department at (904) 529-2220 or (904) 297-7300..