Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How do I obtain a police report?
    A. Police reports can be obtained at the front desk Mon-Thurs, 8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M., or by mail by sending a postage paid self-addressed envelope and proper payment.  A charge of $3.00 is assessed for accident and incident reports. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: City of Green Cove Springs.

    Q. How can I get fingerprinted?
    A. Persons needing fingerprinting may contact the Clay County Sheriff's Office at (904) 284-7575.
    Q. I have received several phone calls from people representing themselves as police officers and asking for donations. Are these police officers and what is the money used for?
    A. The Green Cove Springs Police Department does not solicit money for the department and our police officers will never make solicitations over the telephone. There are some law enforcement-related agencies such as the Fraternal Order of Police that solicit donations, but they are not police officers, nor does the money directly benefit local law enforcement in our community. However, some of the money does help support the sponsorship of legislation concerning law enforcement. If the organization is legitimate, they will give you this information and then you can decide whether you want to make a donation. It's also a good idea to ask for a financial statement or budget before making a decision about whether to donate to the organization.
    Q. How do I obtain a clearance letter or local background check?
    A. A clearance letter is basically a background check. It is sometimes referred to as a letter of good conduct. It can be done at any Clay County Sheriff substation. The full name, date of birth, race, sex and social security number of the persons who needs the clearance must be provided. The charge is $5 (cash, money order or company check only). A letter will be provided stating either "no local record" or "record". If the subject has a local record, a printout of the arrest history will be attached.
    Q. Can you tell me if there is a warrant out for my arrest?
    A. The Clay County Sheriff's Office is responsible for keeping all warrants, regardless of which agency requested to warrant. To contact the Sheriff's Office, call (904) 284-7575.
    Q. Can you tell me if someone is in jail?
    A. The Clay County Jail is run by the Clay County Sheriff's Office. After we arrest someone, they are held for a brief period of time and then transported to the Clay County Jail. Once they are booked into the jail, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for tracking information about the person. To find out if someone is in jail or what their bond is, call the jail at (904) 284-7575.
    Q. Are police reports available over the Internet?
    A. The only reports available online are Traffic Crash Reports. There is a link on the sidebar to the Traffic Crash Report page under the Information section. All other types of reports are not available at the present time, but you can email a request to Ms. Scott and it will be waiting for pick up at the Police Department after 72 hours.
    Q. How can I contact the officer who took my report?
    A. You may contact our Dispatch Center at (904) 297-7300 or (904) 529-2220. If the officer is working, you should receive a call from the officer shortly. If the officer is off-duty when you call, you may also find out when the officer returns to duty. The officer should contact you after returning to duty.
    Q. Can the police help if I lock my keys in the car?
    A. Officers can help, as we now carry special tools to gain entry into most locked vehicles.  Prior to attempting to open your vehicle, the registered owner will need to sign a liability waiver.  
    Q. What should I do if I'm involved in a traffic accident?
    A. Remove your vehicle from obstructing traffic if possible; this is required by law. Call 9-1-1 and give all of the information to the dispatcher. If there are witnesses to the traffic crash, try to get them to remain until police arrive.
    Q. Who should I call about a traffic light out?
    A. If there is a traffic light out, call the Police Department at (904) 297-7300 or (904) 529-2220. The Police Department will contact Signal Maintenance to have the problem corrected immediately.
    Q. What are the rules concerning window tinting and neon lighting?
    A. Window Tinting: the driver's side and passenger's side front windows must be at 28% visibility or higher. Rear windows must be 15% visibility or higher. (As defined in F.S.S. 316.2953 and 316.5954). Neon lighting is illegal as it obscures normal traffic view. (As defined in F.S.S. 316.241)
    Q. How can I report abuse (child, elderly, spouse)?
    A. If you suspect abuse you can report it to the police or the abuse hotline at 1-800-96-ABUSE (22873). Find more information about the abuse hotline at .
    Q. How can I check for Registered Sexual Offender/Predators in my neighborhood?
    A. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has this information available at their web site. There is also a separate link on our webpage to the F.D.L.E. Sexual Offender site in the Important Links section of our site.
    Q. What are the rules for safety belts and car seats?

    A. The front occupants of a motorized vehicle must wear their seatbelt (As defined in F.S.S. 316.614).  All children through the age of 5 must use a crash tested federally approved child restraint device. Children through the age of 3 must be in a separate carrier or vehicle manufactured integrated child seat (As defined in F.S.S. 316.613).
    Q. Why am I asked so many questions when I call 9-1-1?
    A. Receiving dispatchers are trained to try to get as much information as possible. They are trying to determine 1) the nature of the problem; 2) which agency(s) must respond; 3) if an ongoing threat or hazard remains; and 4) how serious a remaining threat or hazard may be. On emergency calls, the dispatcher has already sent the information to the responding officer while asking additional questions.
    Q. I was riding a bicycle; can I still get a citation?
    A. Yes, bicycles are defined as vehicles and must adhere to the same laws as other vehicles, including stopping at stop signs, signaling turns, and having lights on after dark. In addition, riders under the age of 16 are required to wear safety helmets.
    Q. The officer stopped me outside the City limits of Green Cove Springs. Is that legal?
    A. Yes, as long as the violation occurred in Green Cove Springs, and as long as the officer was in fresh pursuit, the stop can occur anywhere.
    Q. What about my RADAR detector?

    A. RADAR and LIDAR detectors are legal for use in Florida, but RADAR jammers are regulated by the FCC and are not legal anywhere in the U.S. In order for a detector to alert to the presence of a LIDAR beam, the beam must actually strike the detector. Since the beam is very narrow, it is very likely that an officer can "clock" your speed without any alert from your detector.
    Q. What do I do if I believe the officer is wrong?

    A. If you are cited, you have the option of pleading not guilty and requesting a trial. The officer will appear and present evidence on behalf of the State, including testimony about what he or she observed. 
    Q. How can I evict someone from my property?
    A. Information concerning evictions can be obtained at the Clay County Clerk of Courts site using this link:
    Q. Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?
    A. The Police Department depends on citizens calling to report crimes or suspicious activity. The receiving dispatcher who takes your call will ask questions about the activity to determine its nature and ask for descriptions of the people involved. You will be asked for your name and address but you may refuse this information and we will still respond to the report.
    Q. Someone has abandoned a junk car in my parking lot or on my property. Can the police tow it away for me?
    A. The police tow only those vehicles that are abandoned on public property. Call a wrecker service in your area and the vehicle will be towed away at no cost to you. The wrecker service will notify the Police Department once they have the vehicle to determine ownership.
    Q. My friend or relative is overdue returning home. How can I find out if they were involved in a traffic accident?

    A. The Police Department dispatch center does not have the names of persons involved in accidents available until later when accident reports are turned in. If a person is injured in an accident and unable to call themselves, we will notify their family. The Florida Highway Patrol maintains a live internet feed of all accidents across the state. You may search it by county or region at this link:
    Q. Is there a waiting period before I can report someone missing?
    A. No, you may make a missing person report whenever you realize someone is missing.
    Q. Can I make a police report at any time of day? Do I need to make an appointment?
    A. The Police Department will respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to any request for police assistance.
    Q. I do not have transportation and have to get somewhere. Can a police officer give me a ride?
    A. Police officers cannot provide rides.
    Q. I need to get a message to someone that does not have a telephone. Can the Police Department go to the person's home and deliver the message?
    A. The Police Department can only deliver emergency, life or death messages.
    Q. Can I obtain driver's license information?

    A. Driver's license information can be obtained from the Division of Motor Vehicles at this link:

The Green Cove Springs Police Department cannot provide that information to the public.
    Q. Where can I obtain or renew a driver's license?

    A. The Driver's License Office is now under the Clay County Tax Collector.  You may contact them at (904) 284-6320.. Locally the office is in the Clay County Administration Building located at 477 Houston Street, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043.  Online appointment reservations are no longer available, so service is strictly first come, first serve at the office.
    Q. My family and I are going on vacation. Can the police keep an eye on our home while we are gone?
    A. You can stop by the police station and request a "House Watch" form, and we will pass the information on to the officers that patrol your neighborhood. While we cannot "watch" your house, an officer will check it several times during the day and night.
    Q. Who do I call about automobile tag and registrations?

    A. Call the Clay County Tax Collector's office at (904) 284-6320 or visit their web site at this link:  

    Q. Where can I pay for a moving violation ticket?

    A. Contact the Clay County Clerk of Courts at (904) 284-6317.
    Q. Who do I call about a street light not working within the City Limits?

    A. Contact Public Works during business hours at (904) 297-7500 x 2213.
    Q. How do I go about picking up property from the Evidence Department?
    A. You must call for an appointment with the Evidence Custodian. That can be done through dispatch at (904) 297-7300 or (904) 529-2220. 
    Q. Why does it take so long for the follow-up investigation?

    A. Our Detectives work to prepare cases that will carry the required burden of proof for a conviction in a criminal case. This means that they will gather a great deal of evidence, which often must be analyzed in a laboratory. Unlike depictions in popular television shows and movies, lab analysis can take weeks or even months to complete. In addition, they often must locate and interview witnesses or suspects who have moved or changed employment. Our investigations are thorough, and a thorough investigation takes time.
    Q. Can the Police Department assist me in performing a background check on people?

    A. We can provide you with any public records we may have in our custody, such as police reports or dispatch logs. We cannot, however, run criminal history or driver license checks for any purpose other than an official police investigation. Doing so would violate a confidentiality agreement we have with the State of Florida, and it could result in termination of that agreement.
    Q. How can I get a Green Cove Springs Police Department patch to add to my collection?

    A. The Department of Homeland Security has advised that members of terrorist organizations may pose as police officers or other public safety professionals in order to more easily gain access to restricted areas. For this reason, we do not give out patches.
    Q. My tag was stolen, can I place a paper tag on my vehicle until I get another one?

    A. When your tag is stolen a police report is required. If you know where the tag was stolen the report should be filed with the agency in that jurisdiction. If you are uncertain where the tag was stolen, notify the agency having jurisdiction where the tag is registered. The law does not allow for a home-made paper tag to replace the lost or stolen tag in the interim of obtaining a replacement. A vehicle without a tag cannot be driven on public streets nor can a tag from another vehicle be used. Using the tag from another vehicle is a criminal violation. The vehicle should not be driven until the replacement tag is obtained and attached.
    Q. Are points placed on my license if I get a Notice of Violation from a traffic light camera?
    A. No, there are no points assessed on the Notice of Violation.
   Q. Can I pay the Notice of Violation from a traffic light camera at the Police Department?
   A. No, look for the website listed on the top right of the Notice of Violation.  There you will also find the Notice of Violation # and PIN #.  After you go to the website input the NOV # and the PIN # and then go to the bottom of the page.  You will find a green Pay Now button.  Click it and follow the instructions.
   Q. Can I get an extension to pay the Notice of Violation from a traffic light camera?
   A. No, the Florida Statute (316.0083) that governs the cameras does not allow for an extension of time.