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Start Residential Service

Before You Get Started...

You will need to have the following information before completing an application to Start Services.

Residential Utility Application

Residential Start Services Checklist
    • Complete a Residential Utility Application
    • Social Security Number
    • Copy of a Driver License or State Identification
    • Contact Phone number
    • Proof of occupancy. All new applicants for utility service shall provide proof of occupancy in the form of either a lease agreement, deed, or other acceptable proof of occupancy with the utility applicants name on the document as the responsible party, owner, or joint owner.
    • Tennants must have a lease from Owner's to apply for service in their name.

  • The application shall be accompanied by a deposit not less than $350.00 if electric, water, and wastewater, and solid waste services are each provided. Should all four not be provided, the deposit shall be not less than $250.00 for electric, not less than $50.00 for water, not less than $50.00 for wastewater, and not less than $50.00 for solid waste.
    • All residential deposits are eligible for refund upon written request to the city after 12 consecutive months of service, provided service has not been terminated nor subject thereto for nonpayment, customer has not been delinquent, i.e. subject to late charge and no payments in any form have been returned against the account during those 12 consecutive months, and further, that no evidence of meter tampering has occurred. The refund will be applied to any outstanding balance on the account at the time of the request.
    • All customers with deposits of less than the foregoing figures whose subsequent practices place them as ineligible to have received such deposit refund had such been available to them, shall be required to establish the new customer deposit prior to reconnection.
    • The city may waive the residential electric utility deposit and accept a signed letter from the new residential customer's previous utility provider, which among other items, must reflect: 
    • The customer would have to have been a customer of the recommending utility company during the past 12 months.
    • The customer could not have been later during the 12 months.
    • The customer could not have had any returned checks on the account.
    • The customer would be responsible for obtaining the letter from the previous provider. Fax to: 904-284-2718
    • Even with a letter of good credit from another utility provider, the customer would be subject to all terms as other  customers, including deposit, if their account was ever disconnected for nonpayment.

Starting Service with a Meter
The City does not promise same day service however we will make every attempt to see that our customer's request to start, stop or transfer service is handled as efficiently as possible. Please note a few exceptions:
  • Completing the application for service at least one business day ahead of your move-in will help ensure an early connection of service.
  • If the location of your request service has been off for six (6) months or longer a Safety Inspection must be ordered by the owner of the property and service will not be given until the property passes the safety inspection.
  • If your home is a new service point, it may take longer.

Starting Service without a Meter
If you are building a home and your meter has not been set, you will need to contact Development Services at 904-297-7500 x 5 or via email at building@greencovesprings.com.

Stop Residential Service
In order to stop service to a property, please print the Disconnection of Utility Service Form, and return the Form to the Customer Service Department at City Hall. 

Move Residential Service
Are you currently a residential customer and wish to move services to another property? If so, please follow the Start Residential Service at the top of the page. 

If you need any further information, please contact us at
Phone: 904-297-7500 x 1,
Fax: 904-284-2718, 
or via email at customerservice@greencovesprings.com,  
or cs@greencovesprings.com