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Third Party Notification

City of Green Cove Springs third party notification service can help prevent an unexpected disconnection of your utility service or the utility service of someone close to you who needs special assistance.

At the time a bill is mailed to a participating member, a copy of that bill will also be mailed to a designated third party who could be a family member, a friend or neighbor. This bill will provide information about the amount due and the date when the bill will become delinquent. This person can then remind the account holder to arrange payment of the bill prior to the delinquent date to avoid a late charge and possible disconnection of utility service. This plan is intended to help those who are sick, elderly or away from home for extended periods.

The designated third party is under no obligation to pay the bill or to assume responsibility for its payment. This person is notified so that he or she may assist the account holder as needed.

For account holders who request third party notification, an application form must be completed and signed by both the account holder requesting the service and the person selected to receive the letter of notice. The third party does not need to be a City utility holder.

If you would like to sign up for third party notification, please fill out the application, sign it, have the designated third party sign also, and return it in your next utility bill.

The form may also be mailed separately at any time to: City of Green Cove Springs Attn: Customer Service, 321 Walnut St, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Third Party Notification Application