Code Enforcement

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The Mission of the Code Enforcement Office

The mission of Code Enforcement is to promote Community awareness of, and encourage voluntary compliance with Municipal Codes to enhance the quality of life and to foster civic pride by maintaining the beauty and charm of our City. The City has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) as the basic minimum housing standards deemed essential for safe, healthful living.

Goal of the City Code Enforcement Office

Our first priority is to help residents voluntarily comply with city ordinances and state statutes where violations exist; to inform, educate, and communicate with our citizens to build mutually beneficial relationships to enhance and protect the health and Safety of our citizens.

What Is the Code Enforcement Office?

The Code Enforcement Office is charged with the investigation and enforcement of all laws that pertain to the City Code and State Statutes when applicable. This authority is granted under Florida Statute, Chapter 162.

When a violation has been identified, the owner or resident will be notified of what code is being violated, what is required for compliance, and when compliance is expected. The owner or resident will be given sufficient time to correct a violation however, those violations that are considered life safety risks will require immediate attention.

If voluntary compliance is not attained, vehicles can be towed, liens can be placed on properties, buildings can be condemned and/or fines up to $500 a day per violation can be levied by the Special Magistrate. The Special Magistrate is granted authority to impose fines under Florida Statute, Chapter 162.