Parade of Trees

City of Green Cove Springs Parade of Trees

Special thank you to Mike McNaney, Head Volunteer/Hands On Coordinator and the many volunteers including the GCS Elks for making this possible every year! If you would like to volunteer please contact Mike at or Joy at

Where: Spring Park, 106 Street Johns Avenue

When: Sunset until 10 pm.

Walk through a holiday wonderland as Spring Park glows with 225 lit Christmas Trees every night until 10 pm from December 2, 2023, to December 31, 2023. Each tree is decorated by families, organizations, or local businesses, and many are dedicated to loved ones. Parade of Trees is free and open to the public. Don't miss this Green Cove Springs Christmas tradition and community display!

Email Kimberly Thomas, Executive to the City Manager/City Event Coordinator for more information or call 904-297-7054.

Parade of Trees Reservation Map (PDF)

Tree Reservation Instructions

  • We ask that you limit your purchase to no more than 2 trees so that all may have an opportunity to participate! 
  • Trees will be monitored, but we suggest that you also check on your tree from time to time. Generally, we do not have a problem with lost/stolen items; however, do not display items that you are not willing to part with. 
  • Please use items that will hold up to the elements for 45 days, i.e., laminate photos, etc. No Glass! No Ceramic! No items that may shatter! 
  • You may place marketing or gift items (pens, pencils, key chains, etc.) on the tree for the purpose of people removing them; however, they must be secured for wind conditions. 
  • Use hooks, paper clips, or wire to secure your items. 
  • Do not use heavy items, bend, twist, or damage tree branches to secure your items. 
  • Do not switch your tree or location, or move other trees or signs.
  • All trees come with lights - do not add or change lights, add yard signs, or make any alterations to your assigned tree, i.e., cutting, painting, tinsel, spray snow, etc. 
  • To allow adequate room around each tree, please limit additional items/decorations placed under the tree canopy, such as skirting, gifts, etc. 
  • The first day to decorate will be Thursday, November 23, 2023. 
  • The City reserves the right to remove inappropriate or offensive decorations or items. 
  • Trees will be lighted each evening starting December 2, 2023, through December 31, 2023. 
  • You are welcome to keep your personalized laminate sign when you remove your decorations but please leave the stake. All decorations must be removed no later than Saturday, January 7th. Any decorations removed by staff/volunteers after said date will only be stored for one week.