Solar Panel FAQ

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Considering Adding Solar Panels to Your Home?

The City of Green Cove Springs supports expanding solar power. This includes assisting customers who want to install solar panels on their roofs. Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help customers understand the process and what you can expect from your investment.

There are a series of applications and requirements to complete when installing solar panels. We encourage customers to call our office at (904) 297-7500 ext 3315, so that we can help you understand the process as well as the range of credits you can expect from your investment.

Solar panels only generate energy when the sun is out, so backup generation is necessary for power at night and on cloudy days. To get power from the utility, and to allow for the sale of excess solar power generated by rooftop panels, customers must be connected to the electric grid.

All customers connected to the electric grid receive a bill from the utility. All customers will pay a monthly service charge (base rate) and energy charges. Depending on the net metering credit and amount of energy used from the electric grid, customers could owe a small amount on their monthly bill. These costs are necessary to ensure the electric grid is reliable and resilient for all customers.

Customers who install solar panels on their roofs can sell the excess solar energy not used at their home. Using advanced metering, the energy from the panels that is fed back into the city’s electric grid can be measured. Customers then are paid a credit for the excess energy through what is commonly called net metering.

The billing mechanism for compensating solar customers for unused energy varies from utility to utility. Call our office at (904) 297-7029, so that we can help you understand the range of credits you can expect.

When the power goes out, most home solar installations are designed to shut down to stop them from feeding power back into the electric grid and possibly injuring lineworkers, who go out to restore power. Most solar panels and systems are designed to withstand high winds, heavy rain and hail and are secured to your roof to hold during hurricanes. In most instances where wind causes damage to solar panels, failures occur due to weaknesses in the racking system or in the roof that your panels are mounted to or from flying debris.

All Solar Customers are bill on the 15th of each month with a due date of the 30th of each month. Existing Green Cove Springs electric Customers will be moved to this billing cycle once the Solar meter has been installed by the Green Cove Springs Electric department.

The City of Green Cove Springs is not responsible for any tax credit or bonus discussed between the customer and the Solar Company.  

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