Electric Rates

City of Green Cove Springs 
Electric Utility

Your electric bill charges are made up of multiple components: some which are fixed, and some which are variable. The fixed portion (or energy charge) is set by city ordinance and is a multiplier on the amount of kilowatt hours (kwh) you use.

Every month our power supplier (Florida Municipal Power Agency) calculates the variable costs associated with delivering energy (electric power) to our City. The difference in the City's energy charge and the rate computed by FMPA each month is called the BPCA or bulk power cost adjustment. The BPCA changes from month to month depending on the cost to generate and deliver power during the period. Some of the things that increase the BPCA are:

 * The price of delivered fuel oil/natural gas/coal and nuclear fuel during the period
 * The energy demand charge
 * Very high and very low temperature patterns across the state of Florida which determine capacity needs
 * The delivery or transmission charge to get the power to Green Cove Springs
 * Variable interest rate expenses being paid by the supplier
 * Prices being paid for energy and fuel on the market through hedging

What is hedging? Purchasing a commodity/ item for future use at a rate which is lower than the current rate, anticipating the current rates will go up or remain the same, but you will have purchased the commodity/ item at a lower price. 

What is the demand charge? A large portion of the energy bill we get from FMPA is based on the energy peak "the city" collectively uses during the top one-hour period in a month. This is called the peak demand. When far reaching weather systems drive usage up for extended period of time, it results in a higher demand component of the bill. Reducing peak demand will result in lower electric bills for all our customers. How can you help reduce demand to lower your utility bill?

 * Buy energy efficient appliances
 * Follow energy conservation tips
 * Insulate your home


General Service Non-Demand (Commercial)$12.00
General Service Demand (Commercial)$50.00 
General Service Large Demand (Industrial)$225.00


Residential under 1,000 kWh 0.08300
Residential above 1,000 kWh 0.08700
General Service Non-Demand (Commercial)0.09100 
General Service Demand (Commercial)0.06100
General Service Large Demand (Industrial)0.05100


Residential N/A 
General Service Non-Demand (Commercial)N/A
General Service Demand (Commercial)$8.50 
General Service Large Demand (Industrial)$9.50

2021 FMPA State of the Agency Presentation on FMPA's Initiatives and Impact on Customers