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Fire Hydrant Meter Application
Needing a Fire Hydrant Meter? Complete the application above and submit to the Customer Service Department at City Hall. 

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Public Service Tax Return

Sec. 66-81.

There is hereby levied and imposed by the city on each and every purchase of electricity, local telephone service, local telegraph service, metered natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas either metered or bottled, manufactured gas either metered or bottled and water service within the corporate limits of the city a tax in the amount of ten percent of the payments received by the seller of such utility service from the purchaser for the purchase of such utility service, which tax in every case shall be collected from the purchaser of such utility service and paid by such purchaser, for the use of the city, to the seller of such utility service at the time of the purchaser paying the charge therefore to the seller, but not less often than monthly. Fuel oil shall be taxed at a rate of $0.04 per gallon and collected in the manner set forth in this article.