Letter from the Chief

On behalf of the dedicated and committed men and women of your Green Cove Springs Police Department, I welcome you to our website. We are hopeful that we will be better able to serve you by providing this medium for current information on our programs, staffing and department resources.

 I ask you to join me in thanking our dedicated workforce for what they have done in the past and by supporting them now and into the future. They truly deserve this support as they go about the business of protecting and serving our community.  They truly live up to the Green Cove Springs Police Department Motto: “TO PROTECT WITH COURAGE AND SERVE WITH RESPECT". 

It is very important that our Police Department is providing the highest quality police service for our residents as well as those who work, visit, and travel through our City.

 I would like all persons in the City of Green Cove Springs to understand that no phone call is unimportant to us. If you have a need for the Police Department even if it is a simple question or minor concern then you should feel free to contact our Communications Center. I look at all people in and around our City as the eyes and ears of the Police Department and together the Community and the Police can provide the best protection and service possible for everyone.

Our Police Department goal is to provide the highest police service possible and in order to do this we must be sure that we are addressing all the needs of the public. I urge residents to join our Neighborhood Watch program where we meet monthly so we can learn the needs of our residents. 

 The Green Cove Springs Police Department takes all criminal complaints very seriously and we will work together with Local, State and Federal agencies to prosecute all cases within our jurisdiction. We take pride in having well trained professional officers to provide quality-policing services to all people in the City of Green Cove Springs.

As your Chief of Police, I am honored to serve this community. I deeply appreciate the support and confidence that has been extended to me by our elected officials, the City of Green Cove Springs City Manager, and residents of this city. My family and I are proud to call Green Cove Springs our home.

Welcome to our website and have a great day.