Red Light Camera Violation Process

The registered owner of a vehicle observed running through a red traffic signal will receive a Notice of Violation in the mail. The notice will contain the date, time, and location of the alleged violation. The Notice will also contain photographs of the vehicle committing the violation, along with a link where the recipient can view a video of the incident in question. Upon receipt of the Notice of Violation, the recipient will have the following three options: 

1) Pay the violation amount of $158.00;
2) Submit and affidavit by following the instructions on the notice;
3) Request a hearing by signing and mailing the attached form. 

If you request a hearing and the City Hearing Magistrate concludes that no infraction has been committed, the notice will be dismissed and no cost or penalties shall be imposed. If the City Magistrate concludes that an infraction has been committed, the Magistrate will uphold the infraction, and you will be responsible for payment of a $158.00 fine, as well as additional administrative fees and costs not to exceed $250.00 as imposed by the Magistrate. 

If you fail to respond as outlined above, a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) will be issued. Upon issuance of a UTC, you shall have the remedies specified in Florida Statutes 316.0083 and 318.14, which include the right to pay the civil penalty in the amount of $262.00. 

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