Apply for Utilities


The City of Green Cove Springs offers residents a complete package of utility services including electric, water, wastewater and refuse. 

What You Need to Start Your Service 
(City Hall is open Monday through Thursday-7 AM to 5:30 PM)

Have the following information when you are ready to start your service:

  • Social Security Number /FEI Number
  • Driver’s license or state identification
  • Copy of lease agreement, if you are renting
  • Copy of Warranty Deed or Closing Statement, if you purchased the home
  • Complete address where service is to be started
  • Date you wish to start your service
  • Deposit (Please call for information specific to your residence or business.)  Residential electric utility deposits may be waived if the applicant provides a qualifying letter of credit from their previous electric utility company in the applicant's name reflecting no less than the last twelve (12) months payment history.  The letter of credit must accompany the new resident when applying for utility service.
  • Residential Customer Application 
  • Residential Customer Application Spanish 
  • Commercial Customer Application 
  • Temporary Utilities Account Application

Can I start my service on the same day? 
The City does not promise same day service however we will make every attempt to see that our customer’s request to start, stop or transfer service is handled as efficiently as possible.  Please note a few exceptions:

  • If the location of your request service has been off for six (6) months or longer a Safety Inspection must be ordered by the owner of the property and service will not be given until the property passes the safety  inspection.  
  • If your home or business is a new service point, it may take a longer.

Why do you need my Social Security number? 
Here are the only reasons, allowed by Florida law under F.S. 1119.071, we ask for your social security number:

  • Customer identification and verification
  • Data Collection
  • Payroll and benefit processing
  • Cross referencing utility accounts
  • Bad debt reporting

You may fax your application & documentation to: 904.284.2718 or, email to: or

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