Park Facilities and Pool Reservations

To make a Reservation, download and complete the Park Reservation Application and Park Indemnification Agreement (Hold Harmless Waiver). Both the reservation application and indemnification agreement, along with reservation fee(s), must be submitted in order to confirm a reservation. It is highly recommended that all forms be completed prior to submission if they are being hand-delivered. All reservations must be made at least seven (7) calendar days, but no more than six (6) months, in advance. Please note when making reservations that City Hall is closed on Fridays. 

The forms may be submitted in one of the following manners:

1.  Hand-delivered to City Hall, 2nd Floor.
2.  After hours, hand-delivered, to the attention of Kimberly Thomas, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, to City Hall in the night drop-box located at the drive-thru.
3.  Mail to:  City Hall
                  Attn: Park Reservation
                  321 Walnut Street,
                  Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

NOTE: If someone comes in to make a reservation between the time you mail your paperwork and the time it is received, that reservation will take precedence.  ALL paperwork AND payment must be received to process and confirm a reservation.  Faxed forms are not accepted.

General Park Information - further general information for Spring Park and Vera Francis Hall Park, including estimated available seating at each Shelter.

For the current schedule of reservations, go to Park Facilities Reservation and Recreation Calendar.

Reservation Fees (cash, check, money order, or credit card payments ***for hand-delivered applications only***):

***Credit Card payments for Park Reservations are now accepted for hand-delivered applications only!
There is a 2.4% convenience fee or a $2.00 minimum fee for credit card payments.***

Cash, Check, or Money Orders are still required for Applications dropped off after hours or mailed.

Reservation Fees are non-refundable.  However, reservations may be re-scheduled provided no reservations have already been made for the date, time, and shelter(s) desired.

Spring Park Rental Pavilions Map
Spring Park -
(G) - Gazebo - $400 (5-hour time block - any block of 5 hours)
(PP) - Pool Pavilion - $400 (5-hour time block - any block of 5 hours) NOTE: $250 Refundable Clean-up Deposit
(LP) - Large Pavilion - $200 (5 tables - seats 40/50)
(SP) - Small Pavilion - $100 (6 tables - seats 36)
(LPS) - Large Picnic Shelter - $75 (3 tables - seats 18)
(SPS-A) - Small Picnic Shelter (A) - $50 (1 table)
(SPS-B) - Small Picnic Shelter (B) - $50 (1 table)   

All approved refunds will be processed and mailed to the address on the first page of the Park Reservation Application form within 10 business days after City approval.

***********For Spring Park Pool Reservations, contact Planet Swim at 904-297-7070 or


Vera Francis Hall Park Rental Facilities Map
Vera Francis Hall Park -
Amphitheater - $400
Picnic Shelter (A) - $75
Picnic Shelter (B) - $75
Softball Field - $200 (All Reservations)

Thomas Hogan Memorial Gymnasium - (4 Hour Minimum Rental / Maximum capacity = 300 persons)

Sports Related Activites Only
Green Cove Spring Residents: $300
Clay County Residents: $350
Outside of Clay County: $450 

If you have any questions, please contact:
Kimberly Thomas, Executive Assistant to the City Manager
(904) 297-7500, ext. 3320 or