Park Facilities and Pool Reservations

City Facilities Rental and Event Registration is now Online! 

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General Park Information - further general information for Spring Park and Vera Francis Hall Park, including estimated available seating at each Shelter.

For the current schedule of reservations, go to CivicRec.

Spring Park Rental Pavilions Map
Spring Park -
(G) - Gazebo
(PP) - Pool Pavilion
(LP) - Large Pavilion  (5 tables - seats 40/50)
(SP) - Small Pavilion  (6 tables - seats 36)
(LPS) - Large Picnic Shelter (3 tables - seats 18)
(SPS-A) - Small Picnic Shelter (A)  (1 table)
(SPS-B) - Small Picnic Shelter (B)0 (1 table)   

***********For Spring Park Pool Reservations, contact Planet Swim at 904-297-7070 or


Vera Francis Hall Park Rental Facilities Map
Vera Francis Hall Park -
Amphitheater -
Picnic Shelter (A) -
Picnic Shelter (B) -
Softball Field -  (All Reservations)

Thomas Hogan Memorial Gymnasium - Sports Related Activites Only

If you have any questions, please contact:
Kimberly Thomas, Executive Assistant to the City Manager
(904) 297-7500, ext. 3320 or