April 2 City Council Meeting Brief: Council Amends Beer and Wine at City Sponsored Events, Moves Forward with Park Trail and New Playground Equipment

April 4, 2019, Green Cove Springs, FL – City Council passed the first reading of Ordinance O-08-2019, which amends City Code to allow the possession, consumption or serving of beer and wine at City sponsored events in Spring Park under limited conditions.

This ordinance will directly apply to events like CalaVida and Food Truck Fridays, where beer and wine are allowed in specific, contained areas of Spring Park. The specific changes that this ordinance will make include extending the maximum time of serving beer and wine to four hours and requiring the event organizer or the vendor specifically serving to have a state beverage permit and other necessary permits and licenses in order to allow alcohol during the event. These changes do not include the sale of beer and wine.  

Ordinance O-08-2019 will have its second and final reading on Tuesday, April 16.

City Council also plans to contribute to removing an 85-foot derelict Burger Motor Yacht from Muddy Cove. The estimated total cost of hauling away the steel cabin cruiser is $172,805. Clay County was recently awarded a 75% grant from Florida Wildlife Commission and requires the county to provide the remaining 25% of the grant, a cost of $43,201.25.

City Council indicated an interest in providing the county up to $10,000 of the total remaining grant cost. It directed City staff to identify an appropriate funding source and present their findings at the next City Council meeting on April 16.

Two park projects are approved to move forward as part of the consent agenda. One is approval of a Local Area Project agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation for the design phase of an 8-foot wide multi-purpose trail from Oak Street to Governor Street along Palmetto Avenue and from Palmetto Avenue to Vera Francis Hall Park along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. With this approval, City staff can now proceed with hiring a contractor for the design and placement of the trail.

The other is approval of a purchase order to Playworx Playset, LLC, to both renovate and install new playground equipment at Spring Park. New equipment to the playground includes a spinner and a handicap swing set. The total cost of new and replacement playground equipment is $55,198.  

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