August 6, 2019 Meeting Brief

Public Hearings – any new additions or amendments to City Code of Ordinances or City Zoning or Future Land Use Maps are presented to City Council for discussion and vote for approval or denial

  1. Second and final reading of Ordinance No. O-13-19 amending City Code Section 90-123(j) authorizing the contribution in aid of construction to be paid to the City in limited circumstances over a period of up to 24 months.

First reading was passed on June 18, 2019, City Council meeting.

Passed 5 -0 by City Council

Consent Agenda – Routine items that are approved under one vote, unless pulled by City Council. Consent Agenda items pulled from the Consent Agenda are discussed and voted to either approve or deny by City Council. Below are highlighted items taken out of the Consent Agenda and discussed and voted on separately.

  1. City Council Approval of minutes from 6-18-2019 Regular, 7-9-2019 Regular, and 7-23-2019 Regular City Council meetings. (Removed to accurately reflect the absence of a City Council member)

Passed 5 -0 by City Council

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