City Begins Projects Included in the $10.7 Million Loan for Electric Utility Improvements

City Council approved to start three electric utility projects during the month of September. All three projects are part of Electric Department’s $10.7 million Capital Improvements Plan Budget, starting in Fiscal Year 2019.

The projects include Oak St. Railroad Crossing Improvements, Roberts St. Rebuild, and the N. Pine Avenue and N. Cypress Avenue Project. The total contracted cost of all three projects is $770,829, with Hooper Corporation completing the work on all three. The cost of materials for all three projects is estimated at $120,000.

The Oak St. Railroad Crossing Improvements include replacing an old power line pole and improving connections to all six poles at the railroad crossing.

The Roberts St. Rebuild will replace power line poles and conductors on Roberts St. from Green Cove Ave. to Martin Luther King Blvd, a distance of over 1 mile. The project includes installing 24 new wood power line poles, 5 new 50kva transformers, adding lightning arrestors on all new poles, transferring all house service to the new poles, installing 21 new LED street lights, and removing 21 old power line poles, the wire connecting those poles, and all old transformers and streetlights.

The 800 and 900 blocks of N. Pine Ave. and N. Cypress Ave. Project will reconstruct overhead power lines on those blocks, including 11 power line poles on Pine Ave and 15 power line poles on Cypress Ave. The project also includes installation of one pole and five transformers on Pine Ave. and installation of six poles and four transformers on Cypress Ave.

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