City Council August 20, 2019, Meeting Brief

Council Business – Items that require discussion and vote for approval or denial from City Council

  1. Presentation for the All Creations Inter-tribal Powwow being held at the Clay County Fairgrounds on November 28, 29, and 30. Members of the board of the Powwow explained the growth of the annual event in Clay County, and requested that the Council draft a proclamation recognizing November as Native American Heritage Month as well as request that the City become a sponsor. City Council directed staff to look into the details to fulfill both requests.

  1. City Council discussed options for a complaint regarding carport regulations brought before the Council on July 23 as a part of public comment by resident Peter Gomes. Mr. Gomes said that his request to permit a carport in April 2016 was denied, but has given examples of other carports permitted during the same time frame. On August 20, Planning and Zoning Director Mike Daniels presented the Council with four options: staff to review current ordinance and draft revisions for clarification on carports, allow Mr. Gomes to appeal the denial to Planning and Zoning, determine that no changes are necessary, or for the Council to give staff other directions. After some discussion, Council unanimously voted to accept Mr. Gomes application for a carport permit, provided that Planning and Zoning Director Mike Daniels confirms that the application is similar to those permits approved during the same time frame in 2016.    
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