City Council October 15, 2019, Meeting Brief

Public Hearings – any new additions or amendments to City Code of Ordinances or City Zoning or Future Land Use Maps are presented to City Council for discussion and vote for approval or denial

  1. First Hearing for Gateway Corridor Neighborhood (GCN) Architectural Requirements. Planning and Zoning Director Michael Daniels presented proposed changes to the architectural requirements in the Gateway Corridor Neighborhood Zoning District to better match City Visioning goals. Proposed changes include: Prohibit specific exterior building materials, require building entries along the primary building facade, require roofs to be between a 5:12 and 12:12 pitch or a decorative parapet is required, and utilitarian functions (HVAC equipment, dumpsters, etc) shall be screened from public view.

Passed 5-0 by City Council. Second and final hearing will be scheduled for November 5, 2019, regular City Council meeting.

Council Business – Items that require discussion and vote for approval or denial from City Council

  1. Presentation of proposed City of Green Cove Springs Government podcast “Convo Around the Cove.”

Approved 5-0 by City Council, directing staff to purchase equipment needed for recording, editing, and airing podcast episodes.

  1. City Council approval of a Master Site Development Plan for O’Reilly Auto Parts Store located at 350 Governors Street. Proposed plan includes a 7,716 square foot building , dumpster and parking area. Site will be landscaped with an 8-foot tall wall and 10-foot landscape buffer along the property to the west. An oak tree will be removed and tree mitigation fee of $5,920 will be paid to the City for the tree’s removal.

Approved 5-0 by City Council.

  1. Discussion and possible action on Clay County School District offer on Roderico property.

City Council agreed to deny the Clay County School Board’s offer of $85,000 to purchase the property and offer Clay County School Board a one-time purchase opportunity at $135,000, contingent upon Clay County’s commitment to give the fire station on Oakridge Avenue back to the City when the new station is constructed to the west.

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