City Council Special Session on Stormwater User Fee Rate Structure Analysis Special Session, November 19, 2019, Meeting Brief

Presentation of Stormwater Utility User Fee rate structure analysis by CHW and City Council direction regarding implementation of a user fee.

            Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director Mike Null, along with Robert Walpole, PE, with CHW, presented the estimated stormwater user fee to fund capital projects for the stormwater system, which will cost the City $750,000 per year for the next 10 years to complete long-term, unmet capital projects of the stormwater system.

            City Council approved a task order of $20,000 for CHW to do additional analysis to establish a usage fee to fund stormwater capital projects in June 2017. When CHW came back with its analysis in September 2018, City Council directed that an analysis of all non single family developed parcels within City limits be done to determine a final user fee rate.

            On November 19, 2019, CHW presented City Council a final usage fee of $209 per 1 Equivalent Stormwater Unit (ESU), which equates to every 2,400 sq. ft. of areas that would create stormwater run-off, or impervious coverage, of each parcel in City limits. This is in addition to the $42 fee to the Stormwater Utility Fund, which covers two full-time personnel, supplies, and equipment that make up the stormwater utility department. The $209 cost will allow the City to fund $750,000 every year for capital stormwater projects.

Exceptions to this proposed fee include agriculture properties with farm operations, unimproved land, and the North City Planning Unit, which includes Magnolia Point, as long as those properties continue to operate and maintain all roadways, stormwater basins, and conveyance systems through a Homeowners Association and all discharge is to Governors Creek and not a City owned system. Properties with on-site stormwater treatment will be eligible to apply for mitigation credits equal to 50 percent or 100 percent of their user fee.

After extensive discussion, City Council unanimously voted to start the stormwater capital project usage fee at $125, and for the Council to revisit the fee annually. Staff will create a stormwater usage fee ordinance with that fee and present it to the City Council in January. The ordinance will go through two public hearings before final approval by City Council.

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