City Expands Fuse Sacrifice System Switch to North Substation Circuit 1

May, 16, 2019, Green Cove Springs, FL – With the success of South Substation Circuit 2 switch to Fuse Sacrifice System, the City will expand Fuse Sacrifice to North Substation Circuit 1 on Monday, May 20.

Circuit 2 covers the area north of SR 16 bounded by Oakridge Avenue and Vermont Street, the area south of SR 16 bounded by Vermont Street and West Street, Bonaventure Avenue, Esplanade Avenue, and Center Street.

The City’s electrical system is currently running on a fuse save system. On this system, the entire circuit sees a blink during an intermittent event, leaving crews to inspect the entire circuit to locate the cause.

On a fuse sacrifice system, only the fuse and the power lines it’s connected to will lose power. Those homes affected by the outage will remain without power for longer, but fewer homes will be impacted during an outage.

 Electric Director Steve Howard agreed, emphasizing that fuse sacrifice systems provides greater opportunities for the electric department to isolate and improve power interruptions by identifying the cause of the power outage.

For more information contact Communications Coordinator Tiffanie Reynolds at 904-297-7500, ext. 3329, or

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