City Proposes Increase in Water and Wastewater Rates

Oct. 18, 2018, Green Cove Springs – City Council is in the process of approving an increase to water and wastewater rates for residential and commercial buildings.

Monthly water rates will increase by 3 percent and wastewater rates will increase by 17 percent. The increases are projected to bring the average customer bill up 35 cents for water and $4.06 for wastewater per month.

These increases are recommended to keep up with the increase in operating costs for the city’s water and wastewater utilities. The increase in wastewater is higher to pay back the loan for capital improvements to the City’s wastewater and reclaimed water systems, and money collected during this increase will be designated for funding the debt service on the capital improvement projects. Wastewater rates will continue to increase annually through 2021, with the city reviewing rates each year.

The ordinance for this increase passed the first hearing on Oct. 16. The City Council will have a second and final hearing during its next meeting on Nov. 13. If approved, the increases will take effect immediately after Nov. 13.  

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