City to Begin Improvements on Spring Park Public Access Pier with $600,000 Grant

October 3, 2018, Green Cove Springs, FL – The City has begun the process of improvements to Spring Park Public Access Pier with the drafting of a contract with Legislative Line Item (LLI) Special Appropriations Grant Program.

The City received a $600,000 appropriation from the state legislature for improvements to the pier, including rehabilitating and rebuilding portions of the existing pier structure and floating docks, building docking facilities for large vessels, and building a wave attenuating system to protect the pier and floating docks from damage by river waves.

The wave attenuating system and improved floating docks will make it easier for boats to dock at the pier and for people to get on and off their vessel, as well as help minimize damage from river tides. The improved floating docks will also allow the pier to always be the same level with the water at both low and high tide. It will also help improve plant growth on the riverbed below the pier, which is vital to many species of wildlife on the river.

The contract will serve as the outline for the scope of the project and work. The City will enter into contracts with an engineer for the design of the pier improvements and a construction contractor to do the work, with city staff assigned to assist both. The City estimates that the project will be complete by October, 1 2019.

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