Fuse Sacrifice Pilot Program to Begin in January

Starting January 1, the City electric department will implement a fuse sacrifice system for Circuit 2 of the City’s South Substation. This circuit primarily feeds the area around Melrose Avenue, the area located east of the CSX Railroad and south of SR 16 and the area located east of Orange Avenue.  

The City’s electrical system is currently running on a fuse save system. On this system, the entire circuit sees a blink during an intermittent event, leaving crews to inspect the entire circuit to locate the cause.

On a fuse sacrifice system, only the fuse and the power lines it’s connected to will lose power. Those homes affected by the outage will remain without power for longer, but fewer homes will be impacted during an outage.

Electric Director Steve Howard agreed, emphasizing that fuse sacrifice systems provides greater opportunities for the electric department to isolate and improve power interruptions by identifying the cause of the power outage.

The fuse sacrifice system of South Substation Circuit 2 is a pilot program introduced by City Manager Steve Kennedy during the November 13 City Council meeting and approved by the City Council through an emergency resolution.

The pilot program is in response to reports of numerous power blinks and outages within the area of South Substation Circuit 2 from residents. The City’s goal is to identify and remedy the cause of frequent blinks, or outages, in the area.

South Substation Circuit 2 won’t be the only area converting to a fuse sacrifice system. If this program proves successful in further reducing the number of blinks or outages, then the City plans to convert the entire service area of its electrical system to a fuse sacrifice system. More information will be released as reports of the South Substation Circuit 2 pilot program are presented to City Council.

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