Jan. 8 City Council Brief: City Charter Amendments up for Referendum Vote

Jan. 14, 2019, Green Cove Springs, FL – Green Cove Springs City Council unanimously voted to bring the proposed City Charter amendments to a referendum vote during the Tuesday, Jan. 8, meeting.

These amendments were brought to the City Council by an appointed Charter Review Committee on the Dec. 4 City Council meeting and include: Providing a general statement the City shall abide by all applicable nondiscrimination laws of the State and Federal government, allow the City Manager to authorize budgeted expenditures of up to $25,000.00, allow City Manager to authorize reasonable and necessary emergency expenditures for operating, public health, and safety disasters, require the City Manager to evaluate the City Clerk annually, and not require the City Attorney to reside or have an office within the city. These amendments will be included in the April 9, 2019, election ballot.

Funding was approved for a couple of emergency stormwater and wastewater repairs on West and Houston Street. A crack in the Houston street trunk line, a major city sewer line, was discovered in mid-December. City Council approved $58,487.29 already spent from the Wastewater Fund Capital Improvement Program budget to repair the crack. An additional $32,500 in a supplemental agenda was approved by City Council to line 340 feet of the Houston street trunk line to prevent future cracks happening on the pipe.

City Council also approved $68,655 as part of the supplemental agenda to repair a storm drainage pipe under West Street. The 54-inch diameter line collapsed between Spruce Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in late December, causing Public Works to close the street and sidewalk. This approval of emergency funding allows Public Works to repair the pipe immediately.

City Council also approved the site plan for a new townhome development and the final phase of Magnolia West. Magnolia West Phase Four will add 126 homes to Magnolia West, with the roads under the responsibility of the City. 

The site development plan for Pinewood Court Townhomes was also approved by the City Council. The new development, located at Pinewood Court, proposes to include 12 townhome units with 26 parking spaces. The site is currently 1.04 acres of vacant land.

Phase One and the master site plan of the Public Works Compound renovations were also approved by the City Council, with the expectation that plans for future phases of the project will be approved only if it is consistent with the approved master site plan. Phase one includes a new 8,000-square-foot administration building and five new public parking spaces. Auld & White Constructors. LLC, have been selected as the contractor for the project, and bidding for sub-contractors will begin in March.

City Council also approved for the City to purchase a used 300 KW generator to have on standby to maintain water and sewage services in the event of a storm or extended power outage for $48,500 and to purchase 100 LED street lights to replace the light fixtures in street lights along U.S. 17 and SR 16 for $24,805.

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