June 18 City Council Brief: Council Moves on Economic Development Updates

June 24, Green Cove Springs, FL – City Council approved a revision of economic development section of the City Code Tuesday evening, and for City Staff to come back to City Council with permanent changes at a later date. The change is that large business customers will pay the full price for an electric upgrade on their property, but pay a proportionate amount to the City on electric upgrades on City land.

This change was proposed by City manager Steve Kennedy and Assistant City Manager Mike Null after two businesses—PASS and AMCOM—on CR 315 requested that the City upgrade its electric service in order to accommodate the amount of power both businesses will use once opened. This will require the City to replace all the electric transformers on that section of CR 315 to accommodate the increase of power.

 Because this upgrade will amount to a significant cost, City Manager Steve Kennedy proposed that the cost will be split between the businesses and the City. This upgrade will also improve the electric system overall, as well as the reliability and capacity of the electric utility on CR 315. In the past, the City has expected the business to pay for all costs related to development.

City Council also approved the first reading of City Ordinance No. O-09-2019, which amends City Code Section 117, Article 1 “In General.” Development Services Staff created a Future Land Use and Zoning Compatibility Table, Table of Permitted Uses, and a Lot Requirements Table to add to this section of the City Code. These tables were created to make this information more accessible and user-friendly, as well as allowing for easy comparison of permitted uses and lot requirements between zoning districts.

The City Council also approved to send Mayor Steven Kelley to the 93rd Annual Florida League of Cities Conference in Orlando on August 15-17. Mayor Kelley will represent the City of Green Cove Springs and vote on all items discussed during the conference. The Council also directed staff to submit Resolution No. R-13-2018 (St Johns River – Maritime Highway) which was submitted for the Florida League of Cities’ consideration during the same conference in 2018, and reiterate the City’s support for Home Rule.

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