March 19 City Council Brief: Water Project Funds and Red Light Camera Enhancements Get the Green Light, Food Truck Friday Proposes Plans to Expand

March 21, 2019, Green Cove Springs, FL – City Council begins the process of starting capital improvement projects on the City’s water system by passing the first reading of the ordinance to borrow up to $18 million to complete proposed projects, as requested by City staff.

The projects covered in this ordinance include design and construction of improvements to Reynolds Park Water System, design and construction of improvements to the Harbor Road Water Treatment Facility and Bonaventure and Magnolia Point Cul-de-sacs, design and construction of high service pumps and Well #2 in Reynolds Park, design and construction of asbestos concrete pipe replacement, and design and construction of the Governors Creek Water Main.

Once the ordinance is passed in its second and final reading, staff will start with funding projects in order of priority; starting with Reynolds Park water system improvements.

City Council also approved to renew and amend the Professional Service Agreement for American Traffic Solutions (ATS) red light cameras. The amendment authorizes ATS to add Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) to the red light cameras on the three intersections within City limits. The ALPRs will be used for law enforcement purposes, such as identifying stolen vehicles, wanted vehicles, and vehicles marked as an Amber Alert or Silver Alert.

With the addition of Automatic License Plate Readers, the agreement has been extended with the City for another five years. The readers will be installed two months after the renewed agreement is finalized.

Ed Gaw, owner of Hi-Liner Gear and Fishing Tackle, Inc. and organizer of Green Cove Springs Food Truck Friday, reported to the City Council Tuesday that the event is growing and he is in talks with Green Cove Springs Police Chief Derek Asdot and City officials to expand.

He said that Food Truck Friday on March 15 attracted an estimated 2,500 people to Spring Park, and that 5 of the 6 food trucks in the park sold out by the end of the night. He’s in talks with Asdot, City Attorney Jim Arnold, and City Manager Steve Kennedy to expand the area of future Food Truck Fridays to include Walnut Street, Spring Street, and Magnolia Avenue. He hopes to work with the City to close down those streets around Spring Park down to allow food trucks to be spread out around the park and give more room for anticipated increased crowds. He plans to present a detailed proposal to City Council soon.

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