Tuesday, September 1, 2020 City Council Special Session Meeting Brief

September 2, 2020 –

Council Business

  1. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 1st Public Hearing

Planning and Zoning Director Mike Daniels presented the Community Development Block Grant application process to the City Council and public present during the meeting. Daniels said that the grant is administered and funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and consists of four funding categories: commercial revitalization, neighborhood revitalization, housing rehabilitation, and economic development. Green Cove Springs is eligible for up to $700,000 in grant funding in three categories—neighborhood revitalization, commercial revitalization, and housing rehabilitation—and a 50/50 match for up to $1,400,000.00 in grant funding for economic development.  

In order for the City to receive CDBG funding, the proposed projects must meet one of the following national objectives: Low-Moderate (at least 51 percent of people directly benefiting from the project must be low and moderate income), Slum and Blight (area must be considered a slum or blighted area by state or local law—only applies to commercial revitalization), and Urgent Needs (project must solve recent issues that pose a serious and immediate threat to people living in the area)

Out of the four funding categories, City Council saw the must opportunity in the Neighborhood Revitalization and Housing Rehabilitation. Neighborhood Revitalization would help the City make much-needed improvements and updates to water and sewer, street and sidewalk paving, flood and drainage, and fire protection. Housing Rehabilitation would allow the City to assist those that need to address code enforcement violations on their property but cannot afford to do so.

After discussion amongst the City Council and residents present, the Council agreed that Neighborhood Revitalization would be the best funding category for the City to pursue CDBG funding. Council directed Planning and Zoning Director Mike Daniels to move forward with drafting a CDBG application on behalf of the City.

Daniels and Development Services Staff will be soliciting the community’s input on the best funding category for the City’s CDBG application in a community meeting 1 p.m. on Thursday, September 3, 2020, at Thomas Hogans Memorial Gym.

Daniels will them present the City’s draft application during the Council’s September 15 meeting, and will submit the final application by the October 5 deadline.

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