October 20, 2020, City Council Meeting Brief

October 21, 2020 –

            Public Hearings

  1.       Second and Final Public Hearing and approval of Ordinance No. O-14-2020 for the revision of the Building Fee permitting schedule.

City Staff is proposing a 10-15% fee reduction of the majority of building permit fees to come into compliance with state statutory requirements. First hearing passed by City Council on October 6, 2020.

            Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

            Consent Agenda

  1. City Council approval to write off bad debts at September 30, 2020 in the amount of $25,070.36 for a 12-month period ending September 30, 2019 for electric, water, wastewater, solid waste and stormwater.

Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

  1. City Council approval for funding in the amount of $80,513.00 to Essential Painting Incorporated for tank painting at all water and wastewater facilities, piggybacking on University of Florida Bid #20B334 for wastewater facility painting.

Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

  1. City Council approval of Pay Request #1 / Final Payment in the amount of $154,622.00 to Sawcross Inc. for modifications to the Harbor Road Wastewater Treatment Facility biosolids system.

Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

  1. City Council approval to declare items listed on Exhibit “A” as surplus and to process accordingly.

Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

  1. City Council approves award of bid for the annual contract to provide mowing, litter removal and edging of City Right-of-Ways and Ponds in the amount of $140,743.20 per year with Southland Specialties, Inc.

Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

  1. City Council approval of Minutes from 9/29/2020, 10/06/2020 Special Sessions and 10/06/2020 Regular Session.

Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

  1. City Council approval of, and authorization for the Mayor to execute, Disbursement Request #6, which includes Mittauer Invoice #20421 in the amount of $15,000.00 (HRWWTF Ground Storage Tank #3 Design (which is already paid)), Mittauer Invoice #20422 in the amount of $12,500.00 (Water System Improvements (which is already paid)) and Mittauer Invoice #20423 in the amount of $12,500.00 (Magnolia Point Cul-de-sac Pressure Improvement (which is already paid)) for a total amount of $40,000.00, for the Design Loan Agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Drinking Water, State Revolving Fund (SRF), Loan DW 100102 for $356,800.00 for the design of capital improvements to the City’s Water System.

Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

  1. City Council approval to pay Application #2 to KBT Contracting Corp in the amount of $87,756.03 for the new library building.

Passed 5 – 0 by City Council

Council Business

  1. Discussion and possible authorization of the Citizens Advisory Committee Structure

On October 6, 2020, City Manager Steve Kennedy explained to the City Council that a Citizens Advisory Committee would function to create citizen involvement and investment, and develop informed ambassadors and future leaders for the City. City Manager Kennedy suggested that he would like to implement an application process for residents to apply to be on the board and applications will be vetted by staff. Kennedy imagines that the committee will be one large group of residents broken up into smaller groups based on topic. Council asked City Manager Kennedy to formally propose his idea of the Citizen Advisory Committee at the next regular session of the City Council. 

During the October 20 meeting, City Manager Kennedy presented the application, letter of acceptance, oath of office, and by laws of the proposed Citizens Advisor Committee to the City Council. These documents reflect the goals and objectives that City Manager Kennedy discussed with the Council during the October 6 meeting. The Citizen Advisory Committee will be treated as an official committee of the City of Green Cove Springs, and will be held to the same level of accountability and transparency as other boards and elected official bodies of the City.

                  Authorization passed 5 – 0 by City Council

  1. City Manager and City Attorney Reports and/or Correspondence

City Manager Steve Kennedy gave the following updates to the City Council:

            That the City is finalizing the format of CARES Act funding with Clay County. The City continues to work with Green Cove Springs Library in setting up the Story Walk. Implementation of TextMyGov is underway. The City selected a new Electric Director, and should be starting in that position by the end of the calendar year.

Executive Assistant Kimberly Thomas presented a request from resident Hope Chessel to hold a citizen-organized golf cart parade on December 5. The parade will have 30 golf carts total, the citizens will be responsible for organizing the parade, advertising on community forums, and clean up after the parade, and  will have volunteers to man intersections of the parade route through downtown Green Cove Springs. Their request is to have the City close streets, and provide trash cans and police security. City Council was supportive but cautious on allowing the parade. Council approved the request on the conditions that citizens file a minor special event application through the City for the parade (which details the CDC Guidelines that the event must follow) and find a sponsor to pay for the cost of police security during the parade.

  1. City Council Reports and/or Correspondence
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