City Completes $150,000 CARES Act Project Expanding Storage Capacity for the Food Pantry of Green Cove Springs

December 30, 2020 – The Food Pantry of Green Cove Springs’ building at 1107 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard now has the space and capacity for the nonprofit to better serve the over 500 families it has helped feed in 2020.

City of Green Cove Springs spent $150,000 of its allocated $1.4 million in CARES Act funding to renovate the space in the Augusta Savage Arts and Cultural Center where the nonprofit operates and stores food donations. Classroom space in the center was remodeled to provide more storage for donations and all new electric and A/C and heating were installed in the warehouse and storage areas of the building. New walls were built to designate office, waiting area for families, lockable storage areas, and new bathrooms. The Food Pantry building was also repainted with new ceiling and lighting installed.  

These renovations allow the Food Pantry of Green Cove Springs to provide and prepare more than canned and non-perishable food to the community, as well as allow it to keep more donations in its center of operations.

Food Pantry of Green Cove Springs Director Wynema Lovell said, “There’s just so many blessings that come with this building that’s going to make our job easier and make it easier to help our clients.”

City of Green Cove Springs Mayor Van Royal said, “The Food Pantry has been an integral part of our community and the county. This expansion not only allows them more space for storage, but they will be able to store in refrigerators as well as freezer space.  Access will be easier, and the volunteers will be able to move goods in and out with much less effort. It makes volunteering easier and allows them to better serve our city and families all over Clay County.”

City of Green Cove Springs’ allocation of CARES Act funding was based off proposed CARES Act funded projects the City submitted to Clay County. Renovations to the Food Pantry of Green Cove Springs location was one of many projects the City received funding to complete.

Clay County also awarded The Food Pantry of Green Cove Springs a $35,000 grant through its CARES Act Nonprofit Grant Program. The nonprofit purchased shelves, storage racks, food prep tables, 3-door cooler and freezer units, hand sanitizer, and sanitizer and storage cabinets. With building renovations and CARES Act grant, it now has the space and equipment to better serve current and future families throughout the community.

Chairman of the Clay County Commission Mike Cella said, “The CARES Act has been a great opportunity to strengthen our nonprofit organizations and increase their capacity to help those in the community most impacted by the COVID-10 Pandemic. The improvements made at the Green Cove Springs Food Pantry were funded through a partnership with Clay County and the City of Green Cove Springs and will have a lasting impact that will directly benefit local families.”

The City of Green Cove Springs continues to work on improving the Food Pantry through CARES Act funding with a paved drive-thru, parking circle, and cover for the Food Pantry pick up area. City anticipates that work will be complete before Spring 2021.

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