January 19, 2021, City Council Meeting Brief

January 20, 2021 –

Awards & Recognition

  1. Promotion of Brandi Acres from Communications Officer to Communications Supervisor.


  1. Kimberly Cobb-Ray – NEFL Community Action Agency

Executive Director Kimberly Cobb-Ray gave a presentation about the NEFL Community Action Agency to the City Council and discussed payment issues to the City of Green Cove Springs that the agency had in the fall due to COVID-19. Cobb-Ray requested City Staff to change City’s billing policy to waive all late fees on their clients’ utility bills once the City receives a voucher from NEFL Community Action Agency. Mayor Van Royal and Vice Mayor Ed Gaw requested staff to look into this policy change.

Public Hearings

  1. First Reading of Ordinance No. O-01-2021, an Ordinance amending Chapter 0 of the City Code Article II Electric Utility, Division 2, Service Applications and Contracts, amending Section 90-24 entitled “Utility Payment Extensions.”

After looking at patterns of customers that utilize Utility Payment Extensions, City Staff proposes to include the following changes to Ordinance O-03-2016: Increase length of the extension from one week to two weeks, remove requirement for accounts to be in good standing and to have no active code violations. These changes will allow customers to use their allotment of extensions throughout the year instead of one payment cycle and removing account requirements will allow more customers to benefit from the service.

Council Members also requested that City Staff should promote its Care to Share Program and COVID-19 Utility Bill Assistance.

First Hearing passed 5 -0 by City Council

Consent Agenda

  1. City Council approval of the 2021 Food Truck Friday Schedule and Request for City Support.

Pulled by Mayor Van Royal to discuss himself and Vice Mayor Ed Gaw to recuse themselves from the vote as they personally organize the events every year.

Approved 3 -0 by City Council, with Mayor Royal and Vice Mayor Gaw abstaining.

  1. City Council approval of Training Funds being used for Block 1 of 4 for JJ Mares for Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Program.

Approved 5 -0 by City Council.

  1. City Council approval of the use of training funds for Record Technician, Karla Olivierre-Holness, to attend an online training class: Florida Sunshine Law for Law Enforcement.

Approved 5-0 by City Council

  1. City Council approval of the 4th Annual GCSPD Golf Tournament.

Approved 5-0 by City Council

  • City Council approval of Engineering Service Agreements for upcoming State Revolving Fund and other construction projects to Mittauer & Associates and CPH Incorporated from Bid # LC2020- 21, Engineering Services DEP/SRF.
  • Approved 5-0 by City Council

  • City Council approval of, and authorization for the mayor, City Attorney and City Clerk to execute the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF), Construction Loan Agreement WW100420, Grant Agreement SG 100421 for Phase II Construction of the Consolidated Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP) in the amount of $12,000,000.00 with a principal forgiveness (grant) amount of $4,452,835.00 providing for an actual repayment amount of $7,547,165.00.
  • Approved 5-0 by City Council

    1. City Council approval to surplus old post lamps from Spring Park.

    Approved 5-0 by City Council

  • City Council approval to surplus old roofing tiles from Qui-Si-Sana Hotel.
  • Approved 5-0 by City Council

    1. Council approval Air-max as the City’s HVAC vendor for new installations and service to be excepted from informal and formal bidding processes for consistency.

    Approved 5-0 by City Council

    Council Business

    1. City Manager and City Attorney Reports and/or Correspondence/Executive Summary Reports.

    City Manager

                City Manager Steve Kennedy received some questions and concerns about lighting along US HWY 17 south of Harbor Road, as many see the area as too dark at night and the alleged cause of car accidents and pedestrian deaths along that section of road. Kennedy took the concerns to FDOT, who studied the lighting in the area and recommended what they refer to as “constant lighting” along US HWY 17 from Governors Creek Bridge to Co Rd 315. That project has been submitted to NF TPO for funding.


                Selection Committee has reviewed the five bids submitted for the City’s new Comprehensive Plan. The bids with top three highest scores will present before the City Council. 

                While the message from the state is that there will be little funding for projects, City Manager Kennedy still submitted the City’s list of requested projects to the funded. These projects include Walnut Street rehabilitation, Governors Creek boat ramp rehabilitation or building additions to Spring Park South Dock, rehabilitation of Rivers House, and SMART City initiatives.

    City Manager Kennedy has now received 19 applications for the Citizens Advisory Committee. He will continue accepting applications for the next couple of weeks before vetting applications in late January or early February.

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