July 20, 2021, City Council Meeting Brief

July 21, 2021 – 

            Addressing Council on Non-Agenda Items

                        Cynthia Brown requested that a portion of First Street between North Street and Center Street to be renamed Jenkins Way in honor of her father Sinclair Jenkins. The family has lived in Green Cove Springs for three generations, and Rev. Jenkins is a positive influence and mentor in the community. 

                        City Manager Steve Kennedy said that Staff is starting the process to create a formal policy of renaming roads within City Limits, which will be presented to the Council soon. Council Member Connie Butler said that another portion of road at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. and West St. was designated as Reverend Wright Way in 2017, while the street name was not formally changed. Council Member Van Royal suggested that the same could be done for Jenkins Way while the City works on a formal policy. Royal made an emergency motion for City Staff to identify options to take a portion of First Street and rename it Jenkins Way. The motion was seconded by Council Member Butler. City Council voted 5-0 to approve the emergency motion. 

            Consent Agenda

  1. City Council approval of Resolution No. R-11-2021, a Resolution relating to collection of Solid Waste and Recyclable Material within the Magnolia West Subdivision and related issues, including setting a Public Hearing for Final Proposed Solid Waste Service Assessments.  

This resolution will set the public hearing for proposed solid waste service assessments for all non-exempt residential property within Magnolia West subdivision. Staff recommends setting the public hearing for Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021, at 7 p.m. It will be the City’s sixth annual assessment. 

Passed 5-0 by City Council 


                                  2. City Council approval of Resolution No. R-10-2021, a Resolution estimating the cost of Stormwater Management Services provided by the City, determining certain tax parcels will be                                            benefited thereby and related issues, including setting a Public Hearing for Final Proposed Stormwater Service Assessments.  

This resolution is a required legal step in the process for assessing and collecting non-ad valorem stormwater assessments against all non-exempt real property tax parcels within the City. Staff recommends setting the public hearing for Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021, at 7 p.m. It will be the City’s sixth annual assessment. 

Passed 5-0 by City Council 


                                 3. City Council approval of Resolution No. R-15-2021, a resolution authorizing Amendment No. 6 to the FDOT Traffic Signal Maintenance, and Compensation Agreement. Contract No.                                             ARV47, for the period of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 in the amount of $36,184.00 and authorizing the City Manager to execute said Agreement.   

Passed 5-0 by City Council 


                                 4. City Council approval of Land Dedication for new roadway adjacent to Ruby Street.  

Clay County Habitat submitted an application for a lot split for the parcel on 314 Ruby Street in November 2020. A new roadway needs to be constructed on the east side of Ruby Street from the current asphalt driveway and extending 60 feet to the east in order for the lot split to be complete. Clay County Habitat is now requesting to dedicate the northern portion of the property to the City to create the new road. 

Passed 5-0 by City Council 


                                  5. City Council approval of Minutes from 5/18/2021 and 6/1/2021 Regular Sessions.  

Passed 5-0 by City Council 


                                 6. City Council approval to issue a purchase order in the amount of $79,350.00 to Gresco for the purchase of 4/0 copper wire for the Magnolia Point Third Feed Project, Magnolia Point                                               Underground Reconductor Project and for Inventory.

Passed 5-0 by City Council 

Council Business

                                  7. Establish Tentative Millage Rate for Fiscal Year 2021/2022.  

Millage rate in the proposed City Budget for FY 21/22 is 3.8 mills, same as in FY 20/21. The proposed public hearing dates for the proposed millage rate, operating budget and capital improvement plan for FY 21/22 are September 7 and September 21. 

City Council approves 5-0 both the proposed millage rate of 3.8 mills and the proposed public hearing dates. 


                                  8. Lien Reduction Request For 314 Ruby St.  

Before Clay County Habitat for Humanity acquired the property on 314 Ruby St in 2017, the previous owner accumulated a total of six liens at the cost of $13,830.90. Clay Habitat paid for five of those liens for a total of $1,329.93. The last lien is an accumulated daily fine of $12,501 for the city clean up of trash and debris. Clay Habitat has removed the trash and debris and is in the process of developing it into two new homes and a new roadway. The organization is asking for the remaining cost of the liens to be waived. City staff recommends reducing the remaining lien cost to $1,776 to pay for the accumulated administrative costs paid by the City to clean up the trash and debris on property.


Mayor Ed Gaw suggests waiving the total $12,501 remainder of the lien, which includes the $1,776 in administrative costs, as Clay Habitat for Humanity has done so much work to provide affordable housing in the City and has already invested so much of their own money into the development of the lot and the 60 feet of new road that will be developed beside the lot. Council Member Van Royal makes the formal motion to waive the total of the remaining lien. Council Member Connie Butler seconds the motion. 

City Council approves 5-0 waiving remining lien total of $12,501. 


                                  9. City Manager and City Attorney Reports and/or Correspondence/Executive Summary Reports.

City Manager Reports: 

           City Staff is working on a Street Remaining Policy along with the emergency motion for Jenkins Way. 

           There will be a joint City Council and Planning and Zoning Board meeting on Thursday, Aug. 26, to discuss the proposed goals, objectives, and policy for the Comprehensive Plan. 

           Parking study for downtown Green Cove Springs will be out to bid soon. 

10.       City Council Reports and/or Correspondence.


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