Mag Pt. Underground Re-conductor Project Phase 1 Starts Oct. 11, 2021

City began the first phase of the Magnolia Point Underground Re-conductor project on Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, through boring contractor J & K Underground. This contractor will be digging out the area that a second contractor--Heart Utilities--will be pulling and replacing electric lines that support the electric system within Magnolia Point. That work will start either the end of October or start of November. 

The area for boring includes Magnolia Point Blvd., Colonial Dr., Shinnecock Ln., and Muirfield Dr. 

For any specific questions or concerns contact the City Electric Department at 904-297-7094. 

For more info on the Magnolia Point Underground Re-conductor Project, please see our flyer: Magnolia Point Underground Re-conductor Project Phase 1.pdf 

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