January 4, 2022, City Council Meeting Brief

January 5, 2022 –

            Awards & Recognition

  1. Proclamation – Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Read by City Human Resources Director Dee Jones. Will be read at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Ceremony at Vera Francis Hall Park on January 17, 2022.

  1. Proclamation - Arbor Day

Presented to Green Cove Springs Garden Club. Will be read at the Arbor Day Ceremony on January 21, 2022.  

Public Hearings

                  3.         Establishing Procedure For Trespass After Warning Notice On City Property - Ordinance O-23-2021  

                              This Ordinance establishes a formal process to appeal a trespass warning notice. This notice is given by the Green Cove Springs Police Department when an individual violates a City ordinance, rule or regulation, or a state law on City-owned property.

                              Second Reading passed 5-0 by City Council

4.         Transmittal Hearing for the City of Green Cove Springs Comprehensive Plan Update. 

            This hearing is for City Council to review the Comprehensive Plan update as it is planned to be submitted to the State Department of Economic Opportunity for review and either approve its submittal or make further changes. The following changes are proposed in each of the eight elements of the Comprehensive Plan:

Future Land Use – Recommending establishing a Community Redevelopment Area (CRA), Downtown Master Plan, Walnut Street Redesign, and a Parking Study as specific projects to address Downtown Vitality in the plan, designate Reynolds Park as a Small Area Plan and keeping the basic policies to shape comprehensive development in the future.

Transportation – Keeping the transportation concurrency element in the plan but recommending to adopt mobility strategies with future development in downtown.

Housing – Recommending the following incentives for development and redevelopment of affordable housing: density bonuses, modification of street requirements for affordable housing, affordable accessory residential units, the preparation of a printed inventory of locally owned public lands suitable for affordable housing, and the support of development near transportation hubs and major employment centers and mixed-use developments.

Public Facilities – Revising the language in the Water Supply Plan to ensure that the City will update the Water Supply Plan within 18 months of the update Regional Water Supply completed by the Water Management District.

Recreation and Open Space – Shift focus of continuous improvement to only Spring Park to continuous improvements/expansions to all City parks, draft a Master Recreation Plan to address specific needs and park uses of the community, and create a Riverfront Asset Protection Plan.

Capital Improvements – Updated Level of Service (LOS) Requirements for all utilities to reflect statutory requirements, and the LOS Requirements for parks to include neighborhood and community parks and add a requirement to ensure access to parks for all Green Cove Springs Citizens

Economic Development – Explore creating an incentive program in the downtown area to encourage the growth of downtown businesses such as Façade Improvement Grants, Commercial Redevelopment Grants, and commercial New Construction Grants

Discussion on changing language in the Future Land Use Element about Reynolds Park property to take out previous agreed to 17.5 acres for South Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion with new development on Reynolds Park as South Plant is currently planned on being mothballed and there has been no planned development on Reynolds Park since the Comprehensive Plan was last updated and there currently are no plans for development on Reynolds Park. All City Council except Mayor Ed Gaw agreed on the language change, saying that it will leave more room for flexibility for types of development and for negotiation as a specific plan is brought before City Council in the future. Mayor Ed Gaw was against the language change, saying that the City could be giving away designated land on Reynolds Park that they might not get back.

Transmittal Hearing of Comp Plan 2045 Update passed 4-1 by City Council, with Mayor Ed Gaw voting no.

            Consent Agenda

                  5.         City Council approval of Online Facility Reservations Application and absorbed pricing option fee of 2.75 % per transaction.  

                              Passed 5-0 by City Council

6.         City Council approval of funding in the amount of $40,394.00 to Data Flow Systems for control systems upgrades to the Harbor Road Water Treatment Plant.  

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

7.         City Council approval of Minutes from 8/26/2021, 11/10/2021, 11/16/2021, 12/28/2021 Special Sessions.  

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

8.         City Council approval of, and authorization for the Assistant Water Utilities Director (Project Manager) to execute, SJRWMD Payment Request #4, in the amount of $246,477.87 for construction of the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP), as part of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), State Revolving Fund (SRF), Harbor Road Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Expansion, Phase 2, SRF Agreement No. WW1000420 in the total amount of $15,426,644.33.  Note: This request returns the funds to the Wastewater CIP Budget. 

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

9.         City Council approval of, and authorization for the Mayor to execute, Disbursement Request #8, in the amount of $603,903.15 for construction of the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP), as part of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), State Revolving Fund (SRF), Harbor Road Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Expansion, Phase 2, SRF Agreement No. WW1000420 in the total amount of $15,426,644.33.  Note:  This request returns funds to the Wastewater CIP budget.

Passed 5-0 by City Council

10.       2022 American Cruise Line Docking Schedule  

            Pulled from Consent Again by Mayor Gaw to ask on how to incentivize businesses or City to engage visitors from American Cruise Line when the ship docks in Green Cove Springs. City Attorney Jim Arnold suggested that topic can be one to go before the Citizens Advisory Committee to discuss and bring back to City Council.

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

11.       Review and approval of a street closure request and fee waiver request for a Major Event, Augusta Savage Cultural Arts Festival.

                                    Passed 5-0 by City Council

            Council Business

                  12.       FMPA - January 2021 

13.       City Council discussion of modifications to Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Project Number 4337-218-R, Lift Station # 318 Hardening, changing the scope from installation of a generator and raising the wet well / electric panels to converting the lift station to a gravity sewer system.

            Assistant Water Utility Director Scott Schultz updated the Council on the changes to this Lift Station project, which include purchasing a generator for the well and making general improvements as he was recently notified of currently no funding in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

            No vote was needed by City Council.

14.       Approval to fund and add a full time Public Works Field Supervisor position and a part time Warehouse Worker position to the Personnel Allocation as approved in the FY 2022 Operating Budget.

                              Approved 5-0 by City Council

15.       City Manager & City Attorney Reports / Correspondence

                              City Attorney Comments – January 2022 will be his 45th work anniversary with the City.

                              City Manager Comments – City Staff is looking into ways to market i9 Sports programs in the Spring, as there were not enough sign-ups for sprots programs this January – March. SCADA system for City electric grid is in the final stages of completion and will go into employee training before it’s fully online.

16.       City Council Reports / Correspondence

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