April 5, 2022, City Council Meeting Brief

April 6, 2022 –

            Awards & Recognition

                  1.         Swearing-In  

                        Chief John Guzman officially sworn-in as Green Cove Springs Chief of Police by Mayor Edward Gaw and City Council.


2.         Swearing-In  

                        Chief John Guzman promoted and swore-in Commander Barbra Luedtke and Sergeant Erin Vineyard. Commander Luedtke is the first female commander in the Green Cove Springs Police Department, and Sergeant Vineyard is the fourth female sergeant in the Green Cove Springs Police Department.


3.         Proclamation - Water Conservation Month

            Members of the Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District and St. Johns River Water Management District were in attendance to receive the Water Conservation Month Proclamation from the City Council, declaring April 2022 as Water Conservation Month.



                  4.         Presentation - May Mann Jennings  

Theresa Crockett, District 4 Director of General Federation of Women’s Clubs Florida, requested the City Council to actively support its campaign for May Mann Jennings to be inducted into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame. Three nominees are made be the governor every October, and Jennings has been on the list of potential nominees for several years. Jennings was an influence in state government in the 1890s and a prominent leader in the women’s club movement in the early 1900s. She served as the president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and as Florida director and vice president of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. She was also a co-founder of The Florida State League of Women’s Voters, and championed a number of causes. Crockett requested that the City Council show its support in either a letter or Proclamation to the Governor’s Office by mid to late May. 


            Public Hearings

                        5.         Passage of Ordinance No. O-10-2022 on second and final reading to authorize the Non-Ad Valorem Assessment Program for Code Violation Abatement and Recovery of City Costs.  

                                    This Ordinance is a result of the Council requesting staff to begin the process of collecting City nuisance abatement costs from property owners as a non-ad valorem special assessment on their annual property tax bills. The first reading passed in a 4-1 vote by City Council, with Council Member Van Royal opposed due to language establishing a Code Enforcement Board. Council Member Royal made that request a second time on April 5, 2022, making a motion to pass Ordinance No. O-10-2022 on second and final reading with language establishing a Code Enforcement Board removed from the Ordinance.

                                    City Council approves second and final reading of Ordinance No. O-10-2022 with language establishing a Code Enforcement Board removed in a 5-0 vote.


            Consent Agenda

                  6.         City Council approval of, and authorization for the City Manager to execute, a Professional Services Agreement with Planet Swim, LLC  

                              Passed 5-0 by City Council

7.         City Council approval of, and authorization for the Mayor to execute, Disbursement Request #11, in the amount of $677,329.06 for construction of the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP), as part of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), State Revolving Fund (SRF), Harbor Road Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Expansion, Phase 2, SRF Agreement No. WW1000420 in the total amount of $15,426,644.33.   Note:  This request returns funds to the Wastewater CIP budget. 

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

8.         City Council approval of the National Public Service Week Proclamation. 

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

9.         City Council approval of Minutes from 2/15/2022 Regular Session and 1/18/2022, 2/1/2022 Special Sessions.  

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

10.       City Council approval of Change Order #2 to Contract Number LC 2020-17 Chapman Substation Construction to Terry’s Electric in the additive amount of $28,285.00, bringing the new total contract amount to $982,905.17.

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

11.       City Council approval of the Police Memorial Proclamation. 

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

12.       City Council approval of, and authorization for the mayor to execute, Modification #2, which extends the expiration date from February 28, 2022 to May 31, 2022, and adds $14,277.50 to the contract total, for installation of generators as part of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), Federally-Funded Subaward and Grant Agreement # H0297 / Project Number 4337-217-R.  This project includes 75% grant funding from HMGP.  

            Passed 5-0 by City Council

13.       City Council approval of CAC Minutes for 2.10.2022.  

            Passed 5-0 by City Council


14.       City Council approval of Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Vendor Payment Agreement with Aging True.  

Passed 5-0 by City Council


15.       City Council review and approval of street closure requests, alcohol area request, and fee waiver requests for a Major Event, CalaVida Festival.

                                    Passed 5-0 by City Council


Council Business

                  16.       FMPA - April 2022 

                              After presentation by Bob Page, Mayor Ed Gaw asks page and Finance Director Marlena Guthrie if the City has put out any information on how rising natural gas prices are affecting residents utility bills. He requested staff to put out information about the effect of natural gas prices and work with Mr. Page to post a video presentation about natural gas prices from FMPA on city website.

17.       First Reading of Ordinance No. O-05-2022, Set User Fees for City Furnished Barricades at Events and Related Issues.  

            This first reading is in form only and would establish a user fee for City furnished barricades at events. Mayor Gaw requested that Assistant Public Works Director Steve Thomas, who worked with City Attorney Jim Arnold to create the language for Ordinance No. O-05-2022, look into how surrounding municipalities allow the public use barricades and similar equipment provided by the municipality for events and report that information to the City Council by the April 19, 2022, meeting.

            First reading in form only passed by City Council in a 5-0 vote, with request for Assistant Public Works Director Steve Thomas report on surrounding municipalities policies on use of City equipment for events.


18.       Lien Reduction Request For 481 Olive Cir.  

            A complete reduction of the lien has been requested by the new owners of 481 Olive Circle, as the unpermitted shed that was the source of liens was removed before the new owners bought the property. City staff does not object to the request, as fees have been covered by the $100 Administrative fee that was paid by the previous owner.

            Motion to satisfy lien for 481 Olive Circle passed 5-0 by City Council.

19.       City Council Reports / Correspondence


20.       City Manager & City Attorney Reports / Correspondence

                                    Council Member Van Royal makes emergency motion to approve City Manager Steve Kennedy’s proposal of first reporting ARPA funds as revenue replacement and review ARPA Capital Improvement Projects. Passes 5-0 by City Council.

                                    Vice Mayor Matt Johnson makes emergency motion for City Manager Steve Kennedy to execute agreement with Wood Engineering for waterfront assets plan. Passes 5-0 by City Council.

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