City Council December 3, 2019 Meeting Brief

Awards & Recognitions

  1. Swearing in of K9 Officer Grit.

Green Cove Springs Police Chief Derek Asdot swore in its first K9 unit officer Grit in the City Council Chambers, with his handler Officer Garrett Crider proudly standing next to Grit. Officer Grit was brought into the police department in June 2019 with the help of the police department’s official charity The Grit Foundation, who assisted the department in paying $7,500 for Grit as a trained working dog. K9 Officer Grit and K9 Handler Crider spent the next six months completing required training for Grit to become patrol and odor certified. Since completing that certification in mid-November, K9 Officer Grit has already assisted in an estimated half dozen arrests.   

Public Hearings – any new additions or amendments to City Code of Ordinances or City Zoning or Future Land Use Maps are presented to City Council for discussion and vote for approval or denial

  1. First Hearing of Ordinance No. O-16-2019, amending City Code Chapter 78, Article V, concerning transient merchants.

This proposed amendment reorganizes transient merchants into three divisions, with mobile food vendors—commonly known as food trucks—as an added third division of transient merchants. This added division for mobile food vendors includes specific permitted zoning where food trucks can be located, adds two permits of Mobile Food Vendor, Individual Food Vendor or Property Owner and Special Event that mobile food vendors can apply for, and establishes a specific application review and permitting process, and restrictions for mobile food vendors.

Passed 3 -2 by City Council with additions of staff recommendations for liability insurance for mobile food vendors and no buffer between mobile food vendors and brick and mortar businesses. Mayor Steven Kelley and Council Member Pam Lewis voted against, disagreeing with the no buffer addition to the amendment.

Council Business – Items that require discussion and vote for approval or denial from City Council

  1. Master Site Development plan for Oak Street Apartments, located at 806 Oak Street.

Approved 5 – 0 by City Council.

  1. Discussion of placing a Little Free Library Box in Spring Park and at the Augusta Savage Center.

The purchase and installation of the three Little Free Libraries will be paid for by CalaVida as a gift to the City of Green Cove Springs.

Passed 5 – 0 with the agreement that the City will care and maintain all three Little Free Libraries once they are built.

  1. Further City Council consideration of the purchase of the Rivers Home.

Homeowner has accepted the City’s offer of $285,000 with a deposit of $20,000, contingent upon obtaining financing within 90 days, and 30 days to close, with proposed changes including changing amount of time to obtain financing from within 90 days to within 60 days.

Passed with requested changes 4 – 1 by City Council, with Council Member Mitch Timberlake voting against.

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