City Council January 7, 2020 Meeting Brief

Public Hearings – any new additions or amendments to City Code of Ordinances or City Zoning or Future Land Use Maps are presented to City Council for discussion and vote for approval or denial

  1. Second and Final Hearing of Ordinance No. O-16-2019, amending City Code Chapter 78, Article V, concerning transient merchants.

This proposed amendment reorganizes transient merchants into three divisions, with mobile food vendors—commonly known as food trucks—as an added third division of transient merchants. This added division for mobile food vendors includes specific permitted zoning where food trucks can be located, adds two permits of Mobile Food Vendor, Individual Food Vendor or Property Owner and Special Event that mobile food vendors can apply for, and establishes a specific application review and permitting process, and restrictions for mobile food vendors.

On the December 3 City Council Meeting the Council passed the amendment with recommendations to add a liability insurance section and to remove the buffer restrictions. Planning and Zoning Director Michael Daniels presented the amended ordinance with those changes.

Passed 4 -1 by City Council with reinstating the buffer restrictions between mobile food vendors and brick and mortar businesses and taking out the restriction of a food truck doing business in front of a brick and mortar business offering similar products or services. Council Member Mitch Timberlake voted against, disagreeing with reinstating the buffer restrictions to the amendment.

Consent Agenda – Routine items that are approved under one vote, unless pulled by City Council. Consent Agenda items pulled from the Consent Agenda are discussed and voted to either approve or deny by City Council. Below are highlighted items taken out of the Consent Agenda and discussed and voted on separately.

            4. Council approval of Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Clay County for the funding for the Museum/Mentor Center at the Augusta Savage Complex. Clay County approved the IGA at their 12/10/19 Commission meeting. City Manager recommends approval.

                        Council Member Pam Lewis praises Vice Mayor Van Royal and Clay County District 1 Commissioner Mike Cella for the Clay County Board of Commissioners for approving the funding. Item passed 5 – 0 by City Council.

7. City Council approval of a purchase order to KMC Marine Construction in the amount of $29,977.00 to construct 150 foot of dock for the kayak launch in Spring Park.

            Council Member Pam Lewis expresses her excitement for the kayak launch and thinks it will be a great addition to Spring Park. Item passed 5 – 0 by City Council.

Council Business – Items that require discussion and vote for approval or denial from City Council

  1. Classification and Compensations Study Contract with Evergreen Solutions, LLC.

Human Resources Director Mary Jane Lundy presented the staff recommended vendor for the City’s Classification and Compensation Study. The study was discussed during the FY 19/20  Budget Workshops and approved in the FY 19/20 Human Resources Budget.

Passed by the City Council 5 -0.

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