February 4, 2020, City Council Meeting Brief

Council Business – Items that require discussion and vote for approval or denial from City Council

2. First reading of Ordinance O – 01- 2020 making comprehensive changes to Chapter 70 – Stormwater Utility.

            The proposed changes to Chapter 70 – Stormwater Utility is introducing a yearly Usage Fee of $125 per Equivalent Stormwater Unit (ESU), which is set to 3,000 square feet of impervious area or one single-family residential dwelling. This fee was set by City Council at the Special Session Meeting on November, 19, 2019, followed by a presentation bringing together seven years of study and analysis to establish a Stormwater Utility and a base fee/user rate fee structure. The proposed fee, originally recommended to be set between $200 and $250 per ESU, will be used to help support support an annual budget of $750,000 in stormwater capital improvement needs and allow the City to fund much needed stormwater system projects.

            City staff presented an Ordinance setting the user fee of $125 per ESU annually during the February 4, 2020, meeting and the ordinance will be advertised for a second and final public hearing on February 18, 2020.

            City Council approved Ordinance O – 01 – 2020, establishing the stormwater Usage Fee to $125 per ESU and recommended exemptions and mitigation credits, 4 -1 with Council Member Mitch Timberlake voting against.

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