City Council March 3, 2020 Meeting Brief

Public Hearings – any new additions or amendments to City Code of Ordinances or City Zoning or Future Land Use Maps are presented to City Council for discussion and vote for approval or denial

  1. First Hearing for Ordinance No. O-02-2020, an Ordinance Amending the Official Zoning Map for 22 Parcels, 6.134 Acres, Located on Bonaventure and Idlewild Avenue, from Residential Professional Office (RPO) and Gateway Corridor Residential (GCR) to Gateway Corridor Neighborhood (GCN)

First reading passed 5 – 0 by City Council

Council Business – Items that require discussion and vote for approval or denial from City Council

  1. Discussion of the Roderico Property.

This is a continuation of negotiations between Green Cove Springs City Council and Clay County School Board over the purchase of the property on 25 Roderigo Avenue, formally Fire Station 1 which was approved by City Council as surplus property on Sept. 4, 2018. City Manager Steve Kennedy requested that the Council approve of him gathering the contract and other relevant documents to present to the Council to discuss on the March 24 City Council meeting. City Manager Kennedy will also invite the School Board to the March 24 meeting to present its future plans for the property to City Council.

City Manger Kennedy’s request was approved 5 – 0 by City Council.

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