Message from City Manager: Food Truck Friday Health Precautions Amid Concern of COVID-19

City of Green Cove Springs Citizens:

Everyone has been tracking the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) over the last few weeks, including the City of Green Cove Springs.  

With this said, we are continuing to be very cautious and aware of what is going on but are not shutting down the activities of the City.  This Friday is our first Food Truck Friday of the season.  The event will be held as planned with the City and the Food Truck vendors taking some precautions to make the event a safe and enjoyable experience. The Food Trucks will be paying special attention to their serving areas and making sure they keep their locations and equipment wiped down regularly.  The City will be placing more hand washing stations around the park for your use and making sure there is plenty of soap and hand wash in the bathrooms and around the Park.

Echoing the Green Cove Springs Food Truck Friday organizers, we ask of you, our Citizens, to consider the following:

  • If you are ill or feel ill, kindly stay home and take care of yourself and plan to join us at the April Food Truck Friday event.
  • If your health is compromised, please make decisions consistent with your condition
  • LifeSouth Blood bank will be attending the event on Friday and reports a shortage in our local blood supply. Health permitting, consider donating some blood.

With the assistance and caution of everyone in the Community, we can continue to enjoy our Community events in a safe and healthy manner.

See you on Friday!

Steve Kennedy 

City Manager 

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