Keep Green Cove Springs Clean with GCS311

May 28, 2020, Green Cove Springs, FL – See a street sign that needs attention, road or sidewalk that needs repaired, or other code enforcement violations in the City?

Now it’s easier than ever to report these concerns with GCS311. Located on the bottom of the home page of the City’s website, the system lets residents give detailed reports of code enforcement violations with just a tap of a finger or a click of a mouse.

Residents are prompted to create a customer account before filling out the online form, complete with the ability to take pictures on the spot and use GPS for the location of the violation. Once a report is submitted, the resident who filed the report will be notified when City staff receives the report as well as every time staff updates the report up to the resolution of the reported issue.

This system can be accessed and used with any device connected to the Internet, allowing residents to report issues as they see them. The online tracking system not only covers code enforcement violations, but also covers issues including abandoned vehicles, animal complaints, noise issues, any damage to City parks or buildings, illegal construction or dumping, and flooding and sewer issues to name a few.

The City urges residents to sign up and start using GCS311 today. The sooner an issue is reported the sooner City staff can address and fix the issue. It takes everyone to keep Green Cove Springs a safe and clean city to live.

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