June 2, 2020, City Council Meeting Brief

June, 3, 2020 –

Awards and Recognition

  1. Proclamation – Code Enforcement Officers’ Appreciation Week

City Council unanimously passed the proclamation declaring the week of June 1 through June 5 as Code Enforcement Officers’ Appreciation Week, and recognized Code Enforcement Officer Ben Plourd on his work.

Consent Agenda – Routine items that are approved under one vote, unless pulled by City Council. Consent Agenda items pulled from the Consent Agenda are discussed and voted to either approve or deny by City Council.

            5. City Council approval of the submission of a Competitive Florida Technical Assistance Grant Application in the amount of $40,000 to the Department of Economic Opportunity to prepare a Comprehensive Online Mapping System for the city.

                        Council Member Steven Kelley pulled the item from the Consent Agenda to compliment Planning and Zoning Director Michael Daniels on seeking out the grant and submitting a grant application for an online mapping system on behalf of                            the City.

                        Item passed by City Council 5 – 0  

Council Business – Items that require discussion and vote for approval or denial from City Council

  1. Approval of Staff’s Recommendation of Award of Bid RFQ LC 2020-08 Broker Services for Health, Dental, Vision, Life and other Insurance Benefit Plans.

City Manager Steve Kennedy asked the City Council to accept the staff’s revised request of rejecting all current bids and for the review committee to bring subsequent recommendations at a later date. This decision arose due to information presented to the review committee that wasn’t available during scoring bids.

            Council Member Connie Butler made the motion to reject all bids and have review committee come back with subsequent recommendations. Motion seconded and passed by City Council 5 – 0

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