Proposed Green Cove Springs Mask Mandate Failed on 3-2 Vote by City Council

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 – A proposed Emergency Ordinance NO O-08-2020 Providing for Mandatory Indoor Use of Face Coverings in Response to Continued Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 failed in a 3-2 vote by the Green Cove Springs City Council.

The emergency ordinance needed a 4-1 vote to pass. Mayor Van Royal, Vice Mayor Ed Gaw, and Council Member Connie Butler voted for the ordinance, and Council Member Steven Kelley and Council Member Matt Johnson voted against the ordinance.

The emergency ordinance proposed a mandate to use of face coverings in indoor settings in the City of Green Cove Springs when social distancing cannot be maintained. The proposed ordinance had several exceptions to wearing face coverings.

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