City Offers Free Wi-Fi at Spring Park

July 23, 2020 – City of Green Cove Springs is excited to announce that free Wi-Fi is now available at Spring Park. While in Spring Park, visitors can connect to SpringParkGuest. No password is needed.

            “The free Wi-Fi encourages users to access the service and take advantage of immediately available information such as local news and the latest on what’s happening in Green Cove,” said City of Green Cove Springs Network Administrator Angel Alicea.

            Alicea began the process of installing a free Wi-Fi network in Spring Park in 2018 with site surveys and laying down the fiber infrastructure throughout the park. With the installation of this free Wi-Fi network the City’s goal is to not only provide internet access, but also to improve the quality of life in Green Cove Springs and lay the groundwork to help implement future Smart City initiatives and support the local economy. Uses of Smart City initiatives with this free Wi-Fi network include providing internet connectivity for events and markets in Spring Park and the use of digital media screens in the park.

Spring Park Wi-Fi uses Cisco Meraki NextGen Firewall, which has advanced intrusion detection. Network also blocks website categories such as adult content, nudity, auctions, gambling, hate and racism, malware sties, spam URLs, phishing, and peer to peer sharing, with more categories added as people utilize the network.

Even with these security features in place, the City of Green Cove Springs would like to remind residents and visitors that Spring Park Wi-Fi network comes with the same risks as any publicly available Wi-Fi and that users should always refrain from accessing sensitive information while using public Wi-Fi. Users can also install and update anti-virus/anti-malware protection on their devices for additional security.

For any questions please contact Communications Coordinator Tiffanie Reynolds at 904-297-7500 ext. 3329 or


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