Small Business Assistance


  • Federal Business Opportunities
    Resources include a searchable directory of business opportunities, FedBizOpp news, and links to related resources on the Web.
  • U.S. Small Business Association
    This website contains a detailed collection of resources for small businesses on topics such as starting, financing, and expanding a business.

Local Resources

Small Business Guides & Plans

    Developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, this website provides small business guides and information including sample business and marketing plans, a management center, and profitability tips.
  • Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia: Small Business
    Nolo Press, a self-help law center for over 25 years, offers this page of law books written for the layman on starting and running a small business. The small business section is divided into four sections: Before You Start, Legal Structures, Nonprofit Corporations, and Home-Based Businesses.

Small Business Journals Online

  • Florida Small Business
    Includes small business news from around Florida, tips, and a toolbox with help on starting a small business, creating a business plan, financing a business, as well as legal and tax information.

Starting & Running a Small Business

  • CCH Business Owner's Toolkit
    The place to go for all the essential business information and tools you need to start, run, and grow your small business. Includes "tips that will help you work smarter, save money, and stay in compliance with the law, as well as get the job done easier and save significant time and dollars in the process."
  • Edward Lowe Foundation
    The Edward Lowe Foundation offers forward-thinking ideas and solutions for every aspect of running a business. Their mission is to lead entrepreneurs through the trial and error process that today's hottest entrepreneurs have already overcome.
  • EntreWorld: Entrepreneurs in Business
    An information source for entrepreneurs and supporters of entrepreneurship. The site provides a solution to information overload on the web by providing highly filtered information coded by stage of business development and broken up into four channels: Starting Your Business; Running Your Business; Rapid Growth; and Supporting Entrepreneurship.
  • Idea Cafe
    Comprehensive site for entrepreneurs including links to information about starting a business, financing, tech reviews, and more.
    A website offering expert, unbiased, data-driven product and service guides to help business owners select Customer Relationship Management software that best fits their needs.
  • StartUpNation
    Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, this site includes content and online community resources to help users start and grow their own small business.
  • Wall Street Journal - Small Business
    From the Wall Street Journal, this website offers guidance on starting and running a business. Resources include information on franchises, business plans, and much more.