Backflow Installers & Testers

Cross Connection Control / Prevention Program

It is everyone's job to safeguard the City's public drinking water supply from contamination. Cross connections may occur anywhere the public water supply is connected to a potentially contaminated source. Cross connections are a hazard because contaminated water may "backflow" (water flowing backwards from a customer connection) into the City's drinking water system.

Backflow prevention devices are required on all non-residential facilities, and any residential facilities which have reclaimed water provided for irrigation. The devices must be tested upon installation, and then annually, by a certified backflow prevention device tester. If the assembly fails, it must be repaired or replaced, and re-tested to ensure it functions properly.

All costs associated with backflow prevention inspection and maintenance are the responsibility of the customer. Backflow prevention device test reports must be completed annually by a certified technician and submitted to the City at the following address:
City of Green Cove Springs
321 Walnut Street
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Attention: Backflow

If you have any questions or concerns about Public Works, please call Connie Wainwright at 904-297-7012 or email at

Attention: Backflow Customers

View the Backflow Assembly Test Report form (PDF) for your yearly inspection.

See a list of certified backflow prevention device technicians (PDF).